A Brief Overview of the History of NUMC

The history of Nicholasville is intertwined with Nicholasville United Methodist Church. The Methodist minister, Rev. John Metcalf, who founded the church in 1798, also founded the city of Nicholasville. The church has been at the heart of the community for 217 years in a mission of faith that has expanded with each turn of the shovel.

  • DSC_01871798: The church was organized
  • 1799: The first church building was built
  • 1846: The original frame building was replaced with a new brick structure
  • 1883: The church bought adjacent east property to prepare for remodeling
  • 1886: Extensively remodeled church (at a $14,000 cost) was dedicated
  • 1921: Fire destroyed the church
  • 1922: Present sanctuary completed
  • 1954: Property was added on the west to provide parking
  • 1956: The Powell property behind the church was purchased
  • 1963: The education building was started on the Powell land
  • 1968: Education building, which cost $65,000, was dedicated
  • 1982: Mackey property on North Second Street acquired
  • 1995: Remodeled sanctuary and nurseries